• Education Counseling

    We all are just one adjustment away from the life we want .so what we need is a little more effort from our side and a good counseling. A good counseling has always make a profound impact on ones life. Therefore our EDUCARE TEAM has put on an extra efforts on this matter . we always make sure to explain any educational matter to its depth  by our trained professionals available round the clock for our visitors .We have helped thousands of candidates over few decades .Now they are all satisfied with their life .Generally we provide consultation on abroad studies . Nepal is among developing nations so basically students prefer to choose overseas as their study destination right after +2 graduation . We see a lots of students suffering from stress finding out suitable country ,affordable colleges/universities as well as course of their match. From here we guide our students and work  with them  to solve their dilemmas and make them feel and think positively.

    Apart from that we also provide guidance to the candidate having language issues at any level.

    The counseling provided by EDUCARE TEAM will help broaden your horizon regarding the ideas of overseas study to its best. It helps you to make a clear plan which we believe will obviously take you to the path you want.

            This is how we can help you study abroad:

    • We make sure you’re well equipped in terms of getting all the information you need about the right education and right university for you
    • We inform you about the different study programs, deadlines, study fees and admission requirements
    • We help you find your application to the university
    • We inform you about how you can finance your studies in abroad
    • We work closely with the universities listed on our website, so any question you might have will be answered quickly
    • We verify all of your documents to be enclose to the application
    • We assist you with practicalities such as insurance, housing, flight ticket and visa
    • We answer all of our questions about studying abroad

    For your convenience we provide counseling session via all online media.

  • Country Information

    We have to know about some basic details about a country before travelling, doesn’t matter he/she is traveling as a visitor or as a student. History, people, government, economy, Weather, lifestyle, social information, etc are some parameters to consider about before country selection. As a student you must research a bit more about education system and its global recognition.PSW (post study work) is also a important matter to know about as a student. Similarly you must not forget to check about living and study expenses as well facilities to international students. All the data you have collected must be authentic.

                  Our team will help you through all these process.

                  Why country information is essential????

    • Helps you to select a better destination ,
    • It helps you better adjust  to the new community,
    • Helps you set and apply your plan
    •  Helps you calculate the risks and benefits of studying in the country of your choice.


     How EDUCARE enhance your knowledge about particular countries????

    • Well our experts will provide you all the brochures(it includes all the info you need ) related to countries of your interest ,
    • Provide you with all the website links for your research
    • Live sessions with our students from various parts of the globe( they will help you better know that particular country)
    •  providing true statistics and real-life experience of living in those countries
    • Regardless of how long it takes, we will be right by your side to lend a hand in making such crucial decisions.



  • University/College Selection

    University/college selection has always been one of the tough decision for students. Applying to college can seem overwhelming at first. With so many choices, candidates may not know where to start. Make sure to begin your search early and break the application process into simpler pieces. Educare provides high school juniors and seniors with clear explanations about the key components of a successful college application. We inform our students to keep track of deadlines, access higher education resources, and receive tips on submitting quality applicati

    Here are some points to consider before selection of university/college


    Have you already decided what you want to study? Wonderful! check if the college/university on your shortlist offers that course or not.

    Not sure?  what you  wish to learn. Well that’s ok! make sure the college/university  from your list have wide variety of subjects to offer so that you can study your interest without transferring the college.

    • Details about Study expenses
    • Location
    • On-campus amenities and facilities
    • Extracurricular activities
    • Career opportunities
    • Post graduate success

    Here’s how we are with you.    

    • We focus on your best match by evaluating your academic as well as financial details.
    • We focus on postgraduate success because college/university is just a journey and the ultimate destination is likely the workforce.
    • Provide you with all the brochures and links related to college/universities
    • Arrange informative seminars related to the college/universities









  • Scholarship Assistance

    Almost every country offers Scholarships for International students to support global education. The scholarships might include Full-fledged tuition fees, an establishment allowance, international students insurance and travel allowance during the course tenure (allowed based on the length of scholarship).



    • Merit scholarships ( it includes academic scholarships, average academic performances scholarships, sports scholarships)
    • Need-Based scholarships ( it is generally for us residents but some colleges/universities do offer it to international students )
    • School-Specific individual scholarships( it is available for students who need specific requirements.eg some students might receive it because they wish to pursue a particular area of study like engineering)
    • Country-Based scholarships(it is particularly for developing countries)
    • Government-Funded scholarships
    • Privately-Funded scholarships

    (Eligibility requirement)

    • From a developing country
    • Mainly for women
    • For minorities
    • Helping for specific areas of study


    • Australian awards scholarships
    • Destination Australia scholarships
    • International postgraduate research scholarships(IPRS)
    • University of Sydney international research scholarships
    • Macquarie university international scholarships
    • Griffith remarkable scholarships
    • University of Melbourne graduation research scholarships
    • Adelaide global excellence scholarships for international students
    • Flinders international postgraduate scholarships
    • Charles Darwin university vice-chancellor’s international high achievers scholarship



    • Lester B.pearson international scholarships
    • York university international student scholarships program
    • University of British Columbia scholarships for international students
    • Carleton prestige scholarships
    • Calgary international entrance scholarships
    • Winnipeg president’s scholarships for world leaders
    • Humber college international entrance scholarships


    • Vanier Canada graduate scholarships
    • University of Manitoba graduate fellowships
    • Pierre Elliot trudeau foundation doctoral scholarships
    • University of waterloo master’s awards of excellence
    • University of Calgary graduation awards


    • Scotland’s saltire scholarships
    • Chevening fellowships
    • Commonwealth scholarships and fellowship plan
    • Great scholarships
    • Marshall sherfield fellowships


    • ADB-Japan scholarships program for developing countries in Asia and Pacific
    • JFUNU scholarships for phD in sustainability science
    • Fully-funded rotary peace fellowships


    Roles of EDUCARE

    • We provide crucial information and requirements for scholarship and assist eligible students to receive what they deserve.




  • Interview Preparation

    An interview is  a structured conversation where a participant ask a question and the other one replies.it is generally taken for the exchange of information regarding what you have to offer (your skills, abilities, knowledge) and who you are (character, personality, interests)

    There are different types of interviews. Among them we guide our students for especially student visa interviews

    • Student visa interview

    After we completed all the application forms and  managed to get admission in particular college/university then we have to process for student visa. While most of the students find difficulty to explain the interrogatory questions infront of the visa officer. However not all the countries ask for interviews.

    Us- mandatory              

    Australia- conditional




    Here’s our policies for successful interviews!!!!

    • We conduct interviews with the students to check their knowledge on the subject and build up their confidence.
    • We provide feedback on their performance and answer any lingering questions.
    • We make sure they present themselves in a decent way to successfully complete their interview.
    • We provide them with sample questions and pattern of answer.
    • We make sure our students are familier about the interview environment.



  • Documentation Assistance

    We need to go through a lot of paper works before applying  for admission to any institution .Not only this we need to prepare various documents as per the requirement of particular country in order to get VISA. All universities do not ask for the same set of credentials, so you will have to check with the school you are applying to.  Most of the students found it bothering so they love to do it by second experience person. And if you don’t know ,this is the most crucial stage as it totally depends on your documents whether you are eligible to study in  that particular institution or nation.  We as a consultant guide general set of documents you will need during the process and handle all your paper works.

    Why choosing Educare Abroad for documentation???

    • We hire experienced documentation expert
    • Quick and convenient
    • We ensure safety of your credentials
    • privacy of your details

    Documents required

    • Acedemic documents
    • ID(citizenships,passport)
    • financial documents
    • and other documents as per particular country policies
  • Visa Lodgement

    Different countries have different ways of visa lodgement process. It can become complex unless you have good knowledge of documents. As the visa system is complex and at times confusing and constantly changing, that may result to the inaccuracies. Incomplete or wrong visa applications and mistakes may lead to delays or unsuccessful results. So, these mistakes are painful and expensive since visa application fee are non-refundable and the Department of Immigration does not take responsibility for the applications that you make. Thus, Educare is very serious about application and ensures a perfect and error free visa lodgement.

  • Departure Guidance

    Moving to a new nation isn’t a piece of cake for everyone.There will certainly be new laws ,new place , new culture ,new people. In  a true sense you are going to witness a  new world.There are a lots of things to consider about and prepare; before departure.

    Thus to help you prepare for  you easy living in a new country, we host a number of pre-departure sessions throughout the year. Come to us,  we’ll make all your apprehensions away. Being organized when you are packing will save you a lot of time and hassle in your new country. That’s why we help you with a ready checklist to refer before leaving your motherland. We’ll provide brief information about country policies,educational facilities for international students,some basic must know laws,ways to manage your expenses and other lots of helpful matters.